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Hand-crafted beauty

From the Sam Maloof-inspired rocking chairs to the patented concave cutting boards, everything you see here is crafted by hand with the utmost attention to detail.  I love working with my hands and strive to bring out the beauty of God’s creation in every piece.

Rocking Chairs

My chairs are hand-crafted as pieces of art with the hope that they will be used to rock a baby, enjoy company, or simply revel in solitude as they are passed down from one generation to the next


Lamps & Shades

These all-wooden lamps, with custom-lathed bases and veneer wood shades, are beautiful in any setting. When lit, they create a warm glow and a 'wow' factor that can only come from God's creation.


Bistro Sets

These stools and tables are hand-crafted from black walnut and tiger maple and would fit beautifully in a kitchen or any living area. The stools are counter height and can be purchased separately.


Cutting Board Icon

Cutting Boards

Each hand-crafted concave board is a beautiful and functional workspace from which someone can prep, complete, and serve an entree, providing a true “kitchen to table” opportunity.


Learn a little bit

About Me

I have always maintained a passion for woodworking, but it was not my primary profession. I learned woodcraft at a young age at the hands of the best, my grandfather and father. Now that retirement has arrived, the distinction between working and playing has dissolved and my passion has become my second profession.

I love working with my hands and sculpting rough lumber into a piece of art and at the same time, a functional piece of funiture; these are rewards beyond measure. The real beauty in my work, however, is the colors, grains and patterns in the woods that God created. I love studying the grain movement and the challenge of positioning the array of patterns to show off the best each piece of wood has to offer, whether it is in a rocking chair or a cabinet.


A closer look into

My Process


New furniture designs are inspired by pieces of furniture that we either have, need, or find interesting. I sketch multiple versions until I settle on a final design. From the sketch, I draw a full scale template for each part and determine how the parts will be joined together, creatively and functionally.


Once the rough wood has acclimated in my shop, I lay out the boards and select boards for each part according to the wood grain pattern, or in the case of tiger maple, the chatoyant (flame) pattern. When determining wood stock dimensions, I try to nest parts, as much as possible, within a stock board to reduce wood waste.


Rough stock boards are planed to the proper width for each part, cut to shape according to a template or measured shape. Cutting is performed on a table saw, a band saw, power scroll saw, or lathe. Every piece is cut to rough shape except the rocking chair rockers, which are bent by laminating wood strips in a mold.


Joinery in a project requires the most precise cuts and attention to detail; examples are cutting parallel or square edges, drilling precise holes for dowels, or sizing mortise & tenon joints for a smooth fit. Parts are then glued and clamped together overnight, resulting in a bond stronger than the wood.


Most every part in my furniture flows from one piece to another with soft curves or hard edges. To shape each part, I use electric tools, grinders or table router to remove large amounts of wood to create a rough shape before fine hand shaping with rasps, files, planers, and wood scrapers. Shaping is done before and after pieces are glued together.

Final Shaping

Final shaping is done with coarse to fine rasps and coarse sandpaper. The sanding process includes seven steps from 100 to 400 grit paper. Two buffing pads are used for final smoothing and polishing of the wood.


A combination of tung oil and a small amount of varnish is wiped on and rubbed off, dried, buffed with the finest pads, and reapplied four times. This finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting the grains and any flame patterns in the wood. This finish is easily repaired, if necessary.