Bistro Table & Chairs

The bistro table is 36 inches high and the table top is 30 inches diameter. The chair seats are 26 inches high and 18 inches wide. The seat height is usually 10 to 11 inches below the table or counter height.


The table and chairs measurements can be customized to your needs in both height and width. Chairs can be with or without the back.


Wood Selections


Walnut has a fabulous grain that can be used to create interesting patterns in the seat and headrest.

Tiger Maple (Curly Maple or Flame Maple) produces a lighter color chair with an exquisite beauty because of the wavy wood pattern or “flames” as most clearly seen in the legs and arms of the chair pictured in the gallery.

Cherry has a fine, close grain. The colors range from red to reddish brown in the heartwood and white to yellow in the sapwood. The natural hues darken beautifully as the wood ages.


Sizes: Custom height & width

Woods: Walnut, tiger maple, cherry

Finish: Matte or satin sheen

Options: Custom design available

*Custom orders generally take 10 weeks from order to shipment. A deposit of 1/2 the price is required at the time of order.



Starting at – $5,600

*Shipping or delivery, and sales tax (if applicable) are additional on all purchases.