Cutting Boards

The Concave Cutting Board is an example of “functional art”. This hand-crafted, unique board is a collaborative effort with foodies, John & Brad Pitner, of the Coastal Cupboard in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Their patented design encompasses a beautiful, but functional workspace from which someone can prep, complete, and serve an entree, “a kitchen to table opportunity”. The slope and depth on the Concave surface is designed to work perfectly with a chopping knife to prepare herbs or vegetables, which can be marinated with your cooked entree before cutting. The center of the board collects the juices, blending with spices, herbs or vegetables, and enhances the flavors of all.


The large Concave cutting board is shaped in an oval 24” long, 18” wide, and 1 3/8” thick, a size that can accommodate a mid-size turkey and will hold more than two cups of liquid. The ends on the board have handle cutouts to make using this board as a serving tray easy and comfortable. The opposite side is flat, allowing versatility and use as a cheese board or other appetizer serving surface.


Sizes: Large – 24”x18”, Medium – 20”x14” (oval or rectangle)

Woods: Walnut, Tiger Maple, Cherry

Decoration: Optional stripes

Options: Black inlay initials or monogram (3 letters), 2” high on the flat side

*Custom orders generally take 2 weeks from order to shipment. A deposit of 1/2 the price is required at the time of order.



Large – $250
Medium – $200
Initials or monogram – $50

*Shipping or delivery, and sales tax (if applicable) are additional on all purchases.